How To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Vibrant + My Hair Timeline.

Hello! It’s Lau. Today I want to talk about hair, for many many years I have been colouring and bleaching my hair but mainly bleaching.

I had long ombre hair which is this;

This isn’t my hair because I don’t have a picture of my old hair but that is genuinely what it looked like. I was using blonde hair dye instead of bleach which didn’t lighten hardly at all but back in 2015, I discovered bleach. First time using it, it turned orange. Bright Orange.

But I was advised by my mother to buy a toner and it would gradly turn by hair blonde. And.. it did!

I used the Pro-Voke Touch Of Silver Toner Shampoo;

I really recommend this product. It is a purple shampoo which neutralises brassy tones in your hair as it’s on the opposite side of the colour wheel to orange. I used this twice a week and my hair was blonde.

I had long ombre hair until the start of 2017 but just before, in 2016. I cut my hair, it was a huge step for me as I had grown out my hair for 4 years but my hair was brittle, dry and on the verge of snapping.

Bleaching the same part of your hair, over and over again without any sort of protection like Olaplex or coconut oil, it’s going to fry your hair.

Coconut oil acts as a barrier from the bleach, bleach penetrats the hair follicle. I’ve used this method and do recommend it.

After I cut my hair to a length it looked healthy, I started experimenting which colour. I was purple, blue, pink, teal, green.. I wanted to have fun with my hair.

Over the years, I’ve done hair masks which leaves your hair feeling incredibly soft but doesn’t necessarily help in the long run.

Right now, I’m back to ombre hair however my hair is shorter. Right now, I am using John Freida Brightening Shampoo which brightens and takes care of the hair.

It adds shine to your hair. But, as this is for blondes it’s not suitable for everyone.

I’d recommend the following products;

These products help repair damaged hair, if your hair was anything like mine used to be the best solution is to cut it off however if you don’t want to do that then try hair masks and maybe apply coconut oil once a week to the ends of your hair.

I hoped this helped you in some way, I’ve learnt all this throughout the years of damaging my hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading.

Lau x

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