Blogging Chats | New Series (Featuring H)

Hello! Its Lau and this post is the beginning of a new series. It is where me and another blogger just talk. Nothing in particular, we could talk about anything and I just post it and you see the outcome.

My first guest on this series is …. . He kindly agreed to do this, and if you know ….. he’s an open book he’ll talk about anything.

His instagram and twitter is at the end of the post if you’d like to follow him! I recommend it.

We talked about a variety of things and without further or do, let’s begin..

Me : Okay great, lets just start by talking about blogging. What would you say you liked most about blogging?

H: I liked how I made friends from it. At the time I literally had no friends and was cripplingly lonely and all that and when I used to blog I made a lot of friends from it some of which were frankly quite fake and ended up doing me dirty but small number of them are in my inner circle which takes skill to get to.

Me : By just being here only really a few months, you do definitely gain a lot of friends I haven’t personally experienced anyone who isn’t really nice.

H:Well if I’m honest a few people are kind people but they are (as one of my friends say) carcasses of personality and what I mean by that is they’re kind but they don’t show any sort of variation or disagreement with anything and they tend to sit on the fence a lot which for some people is great but for me I like to be around people who have strong opinions about things.

But with that being said the carcasses are a minority. you do get a lot of people who do show some animation and they do impress me. But I just haven’t gotten the chance to vibe with them yet.

Me: With some people they don’t like to get involved in anything drama-like, so being on the fence and not having an opinion steers you away from that.

H: Yeah that is true but there doesn’t have to be any drama unless both people make the drama. For example say someone was vegan and someone ate animal products, you don’t have to personally attack each other for your choices. You can talk about it and say your reasons for eating meat or being vegan but you can easily do it in a peaceful way where by the end of the conversation two people understand two differing ways of life better

Me : Understanding and being civil doesn’t happen very often, but if two people turn it into a controlled conversation then that’s amazing.

H: Exactly because there are compelling arguments for both sides as to whether one should eat animal products or not.

Me: Animal products is a hugely talked about subject, a lot more people are going vegan.

H: Yeah I know and although I personally have a weird relationship with meat and animal products, I perfectly understand why people choose to go vegan or vegetarian or whatever.

Me: Do you eat meat? I’m not really that much of a fan of meat.

H: I do eat meat and animal products however I don’t really like red meat and because I’m Muslim the meat I eat is slaughtered in a way that ensures that there’s no prolonged suffering and that everything is painless. I did consider going vegetarian/vegan because of the whole killing living things. However it occurred to me that it’s been scientifically shown that plants know when they’re being eaten too which is why they grow more to compensate.

And so because of that I haven’t really felt much of a guilty conscience in terms of animal cruelty in that respect because you can easily say plant cruelty.

Me:I didn’t really think plant cruelty was a thing, nevertheless, no one should judge people on what they choose to eat, even though, I get why they’d choose not to go vegan or vegetarian.

H: I wholeheartedly agree on that one. It’s just food and frankly I personally don’t have time to judge people for what they eat. it’ll come out in your faeces the next day so chill the fuck out you get me.

Me : Nice way of saying it, its a no judgement zone on my blog. Talking about blogs, you are kind of retired from blogging, right?

H: I did. I’m semi retired.

Me : How long has it been since you last did a post?

H: Must have been September/octoberish

Me: Will you ever come back? I’m sure a lot of people want that to happen.

H: Probably not to be honest. I initially left ages ago and I made a big deal out of it and basically slandered the entire blogging community for being easily offended which in hindsight was something I should’ve kept to myself but I did that out of a wave of people I used to be friends with doing me dirty in quick succession but at the same time I don’t feel like I need to do it anymore.

Me: But you’re definitely still part of the blogging community even though you don’t blog anymore.

H: Nowhere near as much as I used to be. Like before everyone knew me as this outspoken loudmouth and I would take part in all those twitter chats and everything but now I don’t have the time to do blog stuff with all my A levels and my various other hobbies coming to the forefront.

Me: You just go busy which is understandable, every blogger goes through that.

H: Yeah exactly and I’m someone that when I do something I want to be the best at it and the best I can be at it and when I can’t commit to it and produce stuff I’m proud of then there’s no point. I tried so hard to reignite my passion by switching onto a music themed blog but it didn’t work.

Me: That’s very understandable, i definitely won’t put anything up on my blog I’m not proud of. Bloggers have pride in what they create.

H:As was I and I do that with everything I do in my life whether it’s my dancing, my singing or even in school work.

Me: You dance? That’s pretty cool.

H: Yeah I do I’ve trained with some of the industry’s experts. I refer to myself as a general performer a lot because I can dance, I like to think I can sing a little and I also.enjoy telling stories and making people laugh.

Me: That would be a great bio, so you enjoy the practical side of things?

H: Yeah I love to entertain people in all possible ways.

Me: That’s a good trait to have, I think I’m going to end this post here.

H: Alright cool thanks for having me.

Thank you to H, for being the first guest on this new series.

You can follow him here;

Twitter: @hh_naii

Instagram: h.nai__

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Lau x

11 thoughts on “Blogging Chats | New Series (Featuring H)”

  1. I LOVE H SO MUCH, just the way his personality shines through and how he expresses his opinions. He’s one of my closest friends and I hope he doesn’t read this comment because it’ll make him cringe. This post was so awesome!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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