Blogging Chat | With GrlBehindScreen

Hello! It’s Lau and today is another Blogging Chat, where me and another blogger just talk about anything and then post it to this blog. This series will be going up once or twice a week, I’m all for anyone wanting to do this with me, if you want to then contact me on Twitter (@HonestlyLau).

Today’s guest is GrlBehindScreen. She is a really cool blogger, her blog and twitter are at the end of the post.

Without further or do, let’s begin this blogging chat.

Me : We will start off just talking about blogging? What sort of people have you met through blogging? And have they all been great?

GBH: Oh my God. A lot. I have met a lot of people and they are AMAZING. Honestly, the blogging community is a great place, meeting and have fun, get to know about each other, it’s all so great.

Me: I agree, there’s really no one that doesn’t fit in. We are all so lovely to eachother.

GBH: I know, no such unwanted politics, you know? And everybody interacts with each other, it’s just so nice.

Me: It’s definitely not like that offline. There are so many people in our everyday lives who isn’t that nice.

GBH: I know right?! Whereas, people in the blogging community are quite alike, and we tend to get along with each other.

Me : We all have the same passion! Not all of us have got along though, I’d imagine.

GBH: I know?! I mean, blogging is writing and writing iIS most of our passion. People in the blogging community not getting along with each other? That’s a rare case.

Me: I’ve seen a few examples before but I won’t name anyone. Overall mostly everyone gets along and thats all that matters.

GBH: Yea. It’s a small world, the blogging community.

Me: But each individual is great. Some I’ve made really good friends with.

GBH: Yea, it’s a great way to get to know about people from other parts of the world too.

Me: Yes, like me and you for example!

GBH: Yea!

Me: I’m going to ending the post here anyway. Thank you so much!!

GBH: Your welcome! 🙃 So happy to do it with you.

Thank you so much to GrlBehindScreen for doing this with me, here are her links

Her Blog : www.girlbehindthescreenblog.wordpress.com

Twitter: @GrlBehindScreen

Definitely follow her, she is amazing. Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Lau x

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