Blogging Chat | The Diary of Ellie

Hello! It’s Lau and I have another blogging chat for you! Today’s guest is thediaryofellie. She’s a really cool blogger who has amazing content. It would be great if you follow her!

Without further or do, let’s start.

Me: So we can start of with a subject which is usually blogging and then see where the conversation goes. How long have you been blogging?

Ellie: Yeah that’s fine! I started my blog at the end of August 2017 so about 8 months now! I used to blog on and off for about 3 years beforehand but it was never anything too serious.

Me: That’s pretty cool, can we talk about the plans that are on WordPress? I finally upgraded to personal and I haven’t really explored much of it yet.

Ellie: That’s pretty exciting! I upgraded to personal quite a few months ago now so that i could get my own URL. I didn’t really do much research into it and i havent really explored it either but i think when i can i might invest in the business plan because you can add plugins onto your blog which you cant do with the personal or premium plan!

Me: What are plugins? I have no idea.

Ellie: They add specific features to your blog like google analytics, stuff for your writing. It’s pretty cool for certain things but are really a necessity.

Me: I’ll have to look into that at some point, upgrading to a buisness plan is something I’d do after being on personal for a while. Then there’s premium.

Ellie: I think that if i ever were to go business i think i’d just go self-hosted instead of paying £20 a month, im pretty sure it’s cheaper to go self-hosted but again thats something i’ll look into when and if my blog reaches around 2,000 followers!

Me: I’d do the same, blogging in general is something a lot of people do as a job which I never thought was possible.

Ellie: It is pretty cool but i think that being a full time blogger would get a bit draining and maybe take the fun out of blogging. Ideally i’d love to be a photography as my main job and source on income and then have my blog still as a hobby but be able to start earning money from it too. I just think that for me personally, staying at home and working from home as a blogger could get really lonely.

Me: I don’t think it would be like that, being able to earn a living from something you love could push you to do it more. Not doing it 24/7 will stop the loneliness.

Ellie: There are loads of people who blog full time and have it as their main job and i do really look up to those people and i get that if it’s something you love you’re gonna wanna push for it to be your main source of income. I love blogging so much but i also love photography and i think if i could be a freelance photographer and then blog on the side and earn money from it as well i just feel it’d suit my lifestyle more than just being a full time blogger.

Me: I get that, that could really be a good option for so many people.

Ellie: I do also feel like it’s hard to be a full time blogger because there are so many blogs already out there that it can be really difficult to fit into!

Me: Being a full time blogger definitely isn’t easy but fitting is was really easy for me, theres so many things you can do to boost your audience.

Ellie: Twitter is honestly the best thing for any blogger, the engagement rate is so good and i love the community on here!

Me: Twitter is amazing to connect with other bloggers and definitely so easy to just make friends.

Ellie: Everyone is so friendly!

Me: They really are, I think I’m going to end this post here. Thank you so much for taking part!

Ellie: Thanks for letting me!

Thank you to Ellie for taking part her blog and Twitter is linked down below.

Blog: thediaryofellie.com

Twitter: @theblogofellie

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you soon!

Lau x

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