5 SFX Products That Is a Must Have.

Hello! It’s Lau and today I’m talking about SFX (special effects). I have mentioned before that I do a course specialising in SFX and for the most part it is fun but so stressful, at the start of the year we have to pay £500 for our kits which most of it isn’t that necessary.

Today I want to talk about the must have SFX products that you could use in your SFX kits if you’re wanting to become an media makeup artist.

1. Liquid Latex

It’s pretty simple. Liquid latex is an essential for media makeup, it is used for many SFX looks. It can come in a big gallon sized bottle or just a small lipbalm type container, depending how much you want. Also look into which has ammonia in it, using latex with ammonia in it isn’t good at all for around the eyes, look online and see reviews of certain brands. Latex can ruin clothes (trust me I KNOW) and don’t get it in your baby hairs around your face.

2. Fake Blood

It’s another essential, more SFX looks contains fake blood without it the look doesn’t look very real. The one I have (it is by Kryolan) it keeps on leaking on me, I am 100% sure the bottle is tight and there isn’t any holes anywhere but it likes to leak everywhere. There is different types of fake blood, thick blood, scab blood..ect. Get one of each, it will help you out a lot.

3. Body Paints

I have the Kryolan Supracolor which is a really good palette, it is super pigmented. Water activated, alcohol activated or just plain cream paints are all really good. Alcohol activated sinks into the skin more and gives it a more realistic look then water activated or cream paints.

4. Sponges and Cotton Buds

You really need something to apply the latex with and the wedged sponges you get at any store that sells makeup. Using a brush for latex will ruin it, sponges can be thrown out once you’re finished with them. The cotton buds you can use to clean up any mistakes.

5. Cotton

You can use this to build up a cut, placing it down in the shape of a cut and then adding varies bloods can really make it look effective. Tearing up the cotton and adding latex so you can work with it. I can’t say it won’t be messy.

I think that’s the main essentials for SFX, if you’d like me to do one for beauty makeup kit then just let me know.

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Lau x

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