Keeping Up With The Bloggers – #1

Hello! It’s Lau and I have another new series. I have a small group of friends that we share a group chat with, I love them even though things can get a little weird sometimes, this new series shows our friendship and just how plain strange it gets. It will be up once a week, every Monday. Even though we talk everyday.

This chat includes some amazing people, which are as followed;

Elm doesn’t talk very much on the chat but I would still like to include her incase she ever wants to join in.

So, here is our chat..

Me: Okay lets get it started in herrrrrreeeeeee. High fives to anyone that gets what I just said.

Dani: Nah I’m clueless.

Alex: Same😂

Nelle: Yesss, I see you girl ✋Let’s get it started in here, let’s get it started.

Dani: ???

Me: YES girl. Yes.

Alex: Okay moving on😂

Nelle: Issa song

Dani: Oh right

Nelle: 😂😂

Dani: I feel like a grandma

Alex: Samee

Dani: Hold how this chat thing work again. I love how I am up to do it yet don’t really understand how it works.

Me: We just talk. It started when I made that song reference 😂

Alex: 😂

Nelle: Always me 😂

Dani: I’m a bit late. Well hello lau’s readers you shall just enjoy our weirdness for the rest of this blog post.

Alex: Hey mom I’m on tv!

Dani: Dang it there was a really pretty statue and I missed taking a picture of it.

Nelle: 😂

Me: 😂You guys are getting weirder and weirder by the minute…I love it! And..ACTION

Nelle: We deffo need a topic otherwise we’re screwed.

Alex: Honestly tho

Dani: OMG I’m on a movie set. And just found out I don’t have script😬

Alex: Lau where are youuu

Dani: We need a topic 😫

Me: I’m here! We could talk about best friends or friends in general.

Alex: Okay who wants to start?

Dani: Ummmm

Me: I can. I’m in college right now with my friends. One of them is making a popcorn skirt 😂 Its pretty good.

Dani: A popcorn skirt???

Nelle: Sounds fun, I wanna join.

Alex: What’s a popcorn skirt dude?😂

Dani: What’s a popcorn skirt dude?😂

Me: It’s a skirt made out of popcorn boxes.

Alex: Ohh

Dani: Oh, I thought it was made out of actually popcorn.

Alex: Is there any popcorn IN the boxes that needs eating by any chance?

Dani: Cos you know you can call one of us to eat it.

Alex: We’re here for you.

Nelle: I’m ready.

Me: 😂 I think we’re good. Okay guys I need your help. I’m about to go to the vending machine what should I get?


Dani: What’s in the vending machine?

Nelle: A racoon

Alex: Ummm

Dani: Cos we all need a racoon in our life.

Nelle: 😂😂you already knowww

Alex: I’m confused againnn😂

Dani: I think Alex is slightly concerned about your animal obsession.

Me: *shows picture of vending machine*

Alex: Yep

Nelle: Tbh I’m not a massive fan of animals – they’re cute but I always get scared 😂

Dani: True


Nelle: Them haribos are calling me 😍

Alex: right???

Dani: Also minstrels or haribo

Alex: Star mix

Dani: Tangfastics. How the hell do you spell the word?

Alex: 😂 I’m so hungry now

Nelle: Please tell me those haribos are like 10p, cos they look tiny.

Dani: Like a vending machine is going to be that nice. But I will keep wishing.

Nelle: 😂😭

Me:*Shows picture of haribos and a freddo

Dani: I love concerts but I am also super broke.

Alex: Yess good choices. Freddy is my shit *freddo

Me: Finished it already 😂

Dani: 😂anyone ever wonder what Freddo is listening to.

Alex: Ikk they are so small

Nelle: I ain’t had freddo in years, omg

Alex: Samee😂

Nelle: Lmaoo, seriously Dani?

Alex: Well freddo is years and years old so he’s probably listening to like Elvia Presley. Elvis* what’s wrong with me today

Dani: Oooo or Elton John

Nelle: Elvia, lmaoooo – I can’t

Me: Probably listening to ‘Wannabe’

Alex: 😂😂

Dani: Yass. What spice girl do u think he would be?

Alex: scary spice. To scare off the other chocolate brands😂

Dani: 😂

Me: 😂 Sporty Spice

Nelle: I think he’d be naughty spice

Alex: Who’s naughty spice 😂

Nelle: wtf, I literally thought there was one. ugh, I give up – I’m tired.

Alex: I don’t think so😂

Me: Gummy Bear faces are so weird

Dani: They really are. Like the dots for eyes. Are they closed all the time?

Alex: I think so. They make sure they look dead before you eat them.

Dani: Nice😬

Alex: Not really 😂

Me: I’m disturbed.

Alex: I lowkey am too.

Dani: I’ve got to go before my phone and data dies😭

Alex: Dudee

Dani: Also I was sarcastic about the “nice” not sure if it translated. Dude


Alex: It translated 😂 Right?? DONT GO

Dani: I want to stay but some things must happen. Also the dude was for the dude you said before😂

Alex: We’ll never forget you. I realised 😂

Dani: Bye😢 don’t do anything I won’t.

Alex: I won’t – promise💔

Me: Nooooo! We’ve lost a good one.

Alex: She’ll be in our thoughts forever

Me: We shall never escape her presence

Alex: I miss her already 💔

Me: Me too, we let her go too easily 😢

Alex: We should have put up more of a fight. Also I love how Janelle just leff😂 Left* wow I’m a mess

Me: Yo Nelle where you at. We also miss you.

Nelle: 😂😂sorryy. Had to do something for a hot sec.

Me: Hi again!

Nelle: Heyy x ugh, I seriously hate when people ask me to do something for them and they’re rude?

Me: What happened? I just put on a wig

Nelle: sorry about the long reply, I don’t wanna get into it to much but I hate people who ask you to do stuff,and then they switch up on you 😂 it’s soo pathetic. its all good thoo, I’m going to the fish and chip shop 😂

Me: I’m back from college. We decided to go to The Range, And i came home to find someone ate my pizza

Nelle: I’d be pissed.

Me: I am a little, I was looking forward to it. Is the post still going on?

Dani: Idk gurl you have to tell me. My train journey is finally over and I’m at kfc, Finally something I know.

Me: I think we can carry on a little more, I think everyone might of left though.

Dani: Ohhh maybe we should stop then. And resume it when everyone is one again. Is that okay?

Me: I think I’ll end it here but I want to get a last comment from you all, something you all would like to say to the followers.

Nelle: Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this, cos we admit – we’re a little crazy and weird. Stay tuned for the next post 😉

Dani: Well Janelle said it really nicely but honestly thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. This group chat was only created a couple days ago, and I hope you stick along as our friendships grow larger. Who knows what will happen!

Alex: Well I really don’t know what to say now – thanks for reading and making us famous and stick around to see more weird ass conversations😂

Nelle: lool, more like making us ‘feel’ famous 😂💞

Thank you to these lovely, very strange friends of mine. We are only new friends but we get along so well and I love it. This is a weekly series do stick around for thag every MONDAY!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

13 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Bloggers – #1”

    I’m hungry and gummy bears always made me sad because I felt bad about eating them AND ALSO I think he’d be posh spice because KING OF CHOCOLATE. Oh, and Elvia is my absolute queennnn
    I NEED to join in next time

    Liked by 1 person

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