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Colouring/Bleaching Your Hair at Home

Hello! It’s Lau and today I want to talk about colouring and bleaching your hair at home. I’ve done both of these before, it’s a little more challenging to do it yourself BUT it is so much fun. You can either let someone else do it and have it come put good or do it yourself and challenge your skills.

I have both bleached and coloured someone else’s hair before so I’m not new to it at all. Colouring your hair is a lot easier then bleaching, bleaching is a little more complicated as you need to keep a close eye on it.

I will be talking you through bleaching and or colouring your hair.


Let’s start with the exciting one, bleaching. It’s a little scary because there’s a chance all your hair could break off if you over process it. I’ve done that to a block head, I thought it wasn’t bad until I really had a look.

If you’re confident and keep an eye on the time then you could really nail it.

Let’s start off by preparing the area.

  • Don’t be in a small room, the fumes can really get to you.
  • Lay down some paper towels
  • Have an empty work space
  • Be by a big mirror (And just in case get a handheld)
  • Set your equipment out neatly on your workplace.
  • Put some sort of pritective sheet over you (apron and towel)

Once you’ve done this you can start.

1. The first step is to section off your hair, we call it the hot cross bun which looks like this;

This isn’t my photo, I think it is off another blog but it’s a good example.

2. Once you’ve done this, apply coconut oil or vaseline around your hairline and down your next. Bleaching can give you a chemical burn and that prevents it a little.

3. Okay, now you can start mixing the bleach. With the bleach you need to make sure that the bleach powder and developer is by the same brand (they pair together) so that it lifts as it’s supposed to. The developer is really important, depending on the condition of your hair you need to choose what percentage (also volume) of developer that won’t make it break off (if you have dry and brittle hair) but also will lift it enough. 30% is a good inbetween but if you have hair that hasn’t been bleached before and it is fairly dark then you can go to 40% but if it is dry and brittled (You probably bleach your hair) then use 20%.

4. Mix up your bleach until its a smooth consistency. If it’s too runny, the bleach could travel onto parts of the hair you don’t want it to, and if it’s too thick you have no hope in trying to work with it.

5. If you have roots that needs to be touched up and you want to bleach the rest of your hair, do the mid- shaft first and after you’ve done that run it through the ends and put the roots on last. Because your head makes head, it will develop faster.

6. Go section by section, using this technique. Once you’re done, leave it on for the recommend amount of time (Don’t go over!! It will make your hair fall out).

7. Wash it out, and apply conditioner because after bleaching your hair gets a lot drier.

8. If you don’t want to put any head on it, then let it air dry but if not use a blow drier.

And you’re DONE! You have beautiful blonde hair.


And now to colouring, this could be a weird coincidence if you’re doing both. So colouring is a lot simpler and you can kind of go a little less careful with this, if you’re using peroxide in your colour then ignore what I said.

The preparing is the same as before, just be prepared for any mess that could occur.

1. Put your colour in your bowl (add conditioner or fader to dilute the colour if you want it to be more pastel)

2. Do the hot cross bun sections again, working section by section but the colour in. Making sure to get it all, use a mirror to make sure you did.

3.Leave it on for the recommended amount of time.

4.Wash it out, depending on what coloir you went the colour the water is, will be your showers for a while. fun right?

5. Condition your hair and then dry it.

And you have majestic unicorn hair, or whatever colour you went.

Colouring and or bleaching your hair can be a lot of fun but when you’re using chemical please be careful.

That’s it for today’s post, thank you all so much for watching and I’ll see you soon.

Lau x

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