Blogging Chat | Nelle

Hello! It’s Lau and today I have anothet blogging chat for you. With the one and only Nelle! (Aka – Janelle)

She has an amazing blog, which I recommend that you check out!!

Let’s just get straight into the post.

Me: Okay, since everytime I do this me and the other blogger always talk about blogging, lets change it up a bit. A simple question, what do you do in your everyday life that you can’t break a habit of?

Nelle: That’s a hard question, aha – I think I need to cut down on the amount of time that I’m on my phone, but I need my phone in order to check my blog/ to work x

Me: I don’t think being on your phone a lot is bad. It distracts us from all the stuff that is happening on the world, if you don’t go on the news.

Nelle: I know, so many terrible things are happening in the world right now – especially at the moment in the UK x

Me: Yes, I know people up in London, and it scares me.

Nelle: It’s really scary, and so many innocent people are getting caught up in the conflict x

Me: I just wish it would stop, when they said it was gangs I was a little shocked.

Nelle: That’s the thing though, it doesn’t even surprise me anymore – it’s happening so frequently that it’s becoming ‘normal’ and ‘expected’.

Me: That’s a huge problem, I woke up today with them saying that some people have been arrested.

Nelle: Yeah, hopefully something can be done about it all – but let’s lighten discussion slightly, aha x

Me: Yeah, weird question. What is your favourite fruit?

Nelle: I’m honestly obsessed with cranberries 😍

Me: I’ve never actually tried them, how are they?

Nelle: They’re REALLY sweet, like ‘eyes rolling to the back of your head’ sweet, aha x

Me: I’ll have to try them soon they sound good.

Nelle: Don’t eat too many though, you’ll feel gross afterwards x

Me: I feel like that with pretty much any food

Nelle: Lmao, what’s your favourite type of food?

Me: Probably mexican because I love enchiladas. (This isn’t part of the post but I love it without chicken)

Nelle: I’ve never had a full Mexican meal, but I do love nachos and sauce 😍 Nachos, cheese, sauce – pretty sexy if you ask me 😂

Me: 😂 I’ve never tried nachos

Nelle: What? They’re soo good 😍 basically like Doritos aha x

Me: I don’t like Doritos so I doubt I’d like it.

Nelle: Fair enough 😂 So what would you like to do when you’re older? x

Me: My original plan was to be an SFX makeup artist but now I’m not so sure, you?

Nelle: I don’t exactly which career route I want to follow, but I definitely want to study criminology x

Me: criminology sounds pretty good to be honest.

Nelle: I’ve always found it interesting, and forensic also. But I’d love to continue with my writing also.

Me: The dream job for any blogger is to be able to do it full time.

Nelle: Agreed, I’d love to work on social media full time – especially in visual editing.

Me: Definitely, I think I’m going to end this post here. Thank you so much for taking part.

Nelle: Thanks for having me, aha x

And that’s the end of the post, thank you so much to Nelle for being my guest, definitely check out her blog. She is one of my bestest blogging friends and such an amazing person in general.

Her Blog:

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

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