What Could You Use Instead Of Lipstick?

Hello! It’s Lau and this is a rather weird but very useful post. Sometimes (pretty much all the time) I don’t have a lipstick in a particular shade so I see what I have in my stash and I create a lipstick from other makeup.

Pretty much anything creamy works. Cream blush, cream contour, bruise wheel and colour correctors. These are all workable.

Sure you could just go out and buy some lipstick but if you don’t necessarily have the time or money to do so, then winging it with products you do have is so useful.

I want to show you a few examples of what works, what lasts and other options.

1. Kryolan Bruise Wheel

I have this product, but I believe it’s not something you csn just pick up from any store. It is around £15 and here are the shades and what they look like on the lips.

Some are more wearable then others, the darker shades work the best and my favourite one is the blue.

2. Cream Blushes

I think that they’re wearable if you want a pinky neutral colour.

3. Colour Correctors

I like all of these colours, the green is quite dark but really cool.

So there you have it. You have now 20 new lipsticks you can play around with. You can also just mix them to make your perfect shade.

Thank you all so much for reading, and i will see you all soon.

Lau x

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