Keeping Up With The Blogger – #2

Hello! It’s Lau and today I have the second episode of Keeping Up With The Bloggers.

We have;

  • Elm
  • Alex
  • Dani
  • Nelle
  • And me!

If you don’t know this series, me and some great blogging friends of mine, just talk and post it

Without further or do, here it is.

Me: Okay, let’s do this. I’ll start off the chat by asking a question.. What is your favourite childhood tv show?

Alex: Oh wow where do I begin ?

Elm: TBH I’m a weird one in that I barely watched TV when I was little and so I don’t really have one? If you guys say something I might relate to it though πŸ˜€

Alex: Are you talking REAL old shows or like coming of age ones?

Me: Just the ones you’d watch when you was a child. Mine was the Tweenies. Loved that show.

Alex: Timothy goes to school was an OG one

Elm: I NEVER watched that it sounds beautiful.

Me: Then Arthur

Alex: Omg Elm it was legit my favourite show. YESS ARTHUR

Elm: I mean there was the classic Dora the Explorer but I didn’t like it? And OOOOH when I reach a certain point in my life where I need to watch it to bring my soul back, I’ll let you know what I think πŸ˜€

Alex: when I got a bit older I was all about The Sleepover Club.

Me: All the good shows that we watched when we were little are off air now. What did you mainly do when you were a child Elm?

Elm: Read πŸ™‚ And I played outside when I could although I wasn’t really sporty. I read so many books it was ridiculous.

Me: I did a mixture of both. I love playing outside and I lived in a cute neighbourhood with only around 7 houses on our circle of a street. But then again I thiught it was cute but my mum says different.

Elm: That IS cute though. Was there a sense of community? We had kids on our street but they were either quite a lot younger than me or they ran around loads

Me: It was, we were all friends. I met my childhood friends on that street but my mum says that the street very close to us wasn’t that great and it was apparently a bad place to be. I lived along side the river but that seems dangerous to me now.

Nelle: I’m late? Whoops

Me: Hey!! I’m just glad you’re here now

Alex: Hey dude

Nelle: Heyy x I literally never get notifications, so I have to remember to check myself

Elm: I love it when my Wi-Fi goes broken it’s AAAARGH. BUT HELLO.


So that’s the end of the post. Sorry it was a little short, we are all a little busy.

Tune in for next week!

Lau x

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