My Daily Makeup.

Hello! It’s Lau and today I will be showing you my daily makeup. I’m someone who don’t really explore outside of my makeup, I used to but when you only have 40 minutes to get ready, it’s a little time consuming to really invest into a makeup look.

Whenever I do my makeup I go for a slightly bronzed eye and a nude lip. It’s simple and I can do it in a reasonable time.

Let’s just get into this;

1. I start with my foundation, I’m currently using the Revlon ColorStay and I put it on with a Real Techniques sponge.

2. Next I will powder, I use an MUA one and sometimes I’ll use a loose powder. I will put this on with a powder brush.

3. I then bronze and contour. I use the Revlon Sculpt Kit, I mix both the bronzer and contour together so it works out well.

4. I then put on sone blush. I use the Sleek Blush Trio. The one I have is a light pink and has gold shimmers in it.

5. I then move onto the eyes, I use one brush and 3 to 4 eyeshadows. I start by putting a contour like colour in the crease and then get an orangey colour and blend that into the crease too, then either applying them both onto the lid or just one.

6. I then do my mascara, I use the Maybelline Volume Mascara ( I have awful memory, it’s gold though). I put this onto the bottom and top lashes.

7. I then do my highlighter. I sometimes use eyeshadows or the highlighter that comes in the sculpt kit.

8. I then do my eyebrows. I don’t like to spend time on my brows, they’re naturally full so I just run some brow gel through and then I’m done.

9. And then the lips. I’ve mentioned this before but I use the lip lacquer I used in my ‘Products I Recommend’.

That’s all I do for my makeup, it’s not much but it saves me hours of figuring out what makeup look I want to do today.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

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