Beauty Tips For a Beginner

Hello! It’s Lau and today I want to just give some advice for someone who doesn’t know a lot about makeup, like what to do with their brows? What products are good for beginners?

Let’s just get started.

When getting into makeup it’s exciting but also a bit of a nightmare, there’s so much to choose and so much to learn.

Here are my tips and answering some questions:

1. I’ve never touched my brows, how do I shape them? You can do either one of two things, let someone else do it OR do it yourself. With someone else, you can tell them what you want but with yourself, you need have a plan..fill in your eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil and then just tweeze the stray brow hairs.

2. How do I know what shade of foundation matches me? I’ve always found this a little difficult but use a tester (if they have it). If they don’t, you might just have to eyeball it. However, consider your undertone. For example, don’t buy a pink undertoned foundation if you have yellow undertones. To find out what undertone you have, just google it.

3. What products should I use if I’m a beginner? I would get: concealer, powder, bronzer, a light coloured eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow gel, lipbalm or lipgloss.

4. How do I get my winged eyeliner even? That’s quite difficult, but very do-able. Do short strokes, and maybe don’t do a big wing. Try aligning the end of your eyebrow to your eyeliner.

5. Do I need to prep my skin for makeup? You don’t need to but it does help out the application of makeup a little bit. It goes on better.

That’s all for this post. I hope I helped you out in some form or another.

Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

3 thoughts on “Beauty Tips For a Beginner”

  1. Sooo just letting you know that you are nominated by urs truly for an awesome blogger award. 💃🎉

    And everytime I do a winged eyeliner thing, it ends up flying away from my face…That sounds good in my head but you get the point.

    Liked by 1 person

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