Blogging Chat – Becca

Hello! It’s Lau and I have another blogging chat for you. It’s been a while since I’ve done once, I plan to do them more frequently.

Anyway, Becca’s links will be at the end of the post.

Without further or do, let’s begin.

Me: I’ll start with a question, have you ever started a post, almost finished but then didn’t post it?

Becca: I’ve started a few titles (i find making titles inspires me to write) and then scrapped them.

Me: Me too, I started one that was 50 facts about me but left halfway through.

Becca: I don’t even know if i have 50 facts to share about myself😂

Me: 😂 It’s possible if you really think about it, at number 50 you have run out of ideas and you just put ‘I like potatoes’.

Becca: This is really random but i’m really not a fan of mashed potatoes.

Me: They’re not the best but paired with something, it’s pretty good.

Becca: I feel like the entirety of england is obsessed with potato’s 😂

Me: I don’t actually know anyone that loves them.

Becca: I mean roast potatoes are 👌🏻👌🏻but neither. Anyways back to blogging 😂 How long have you been blogging??

Me: I’ve been blogging for a little bit over 3 months, how about you?

Becca: Since decemeber but i’m very on an off with my blogging (not very motivated).

Me: With my blog, I’m trying very hard to be successful. I’ve been doing this for 3 months non-stop.

Becca: Go youu! I don’t think i’ve been able to do two months non stop yet. I had another blog and i used to get too worked up with the numbers so this time i’m trying not too do that.

Me: I think you should challenge yourself by doing two months straight.

Becca: Yess i should! Although i also question, should i post everyday or every other day (i wanna post every day so bad).

Me: If you can then everyday, but if not every other day is good too.

Becca: Yea! 🙂

Me: Good luck with it, it gets easier with time.

Becca: I hope so i mean i love the blogging community- that keeps me going more than anything everyones so nice 🙂

Me: They are, no hate anywhere.

Becca: Everyone’s so welcoming!

Me: When you start, yes.

Becca: Yaaa.

Me: I think I’ll end this post here, thank you so much.

Becca: no problem! thankyou for having me in this conversation😂 x

Thank you to Becca for participating. If you’d like to as well, contact me. You can look at my contact information page for information.

Becca’s Links:

Blog: imhereiguess.wordpress.com

Twitter: @imhereiguessbl1

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon.

Lau x

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