Change – Collab With Monica

Hello! Its Lau and today I am doing a collab with Monica (AKA – Omqitzmonica). We both, together have decided to do a piece of creative writing on a topic that the other has chosen.

Monica chose Change for me. Check out her blog for her post, it is really great. Without further or do, let’s begin.


I’ve experienced a lot of change throughout my life. The change of myself, other people and my environment. It’s something everyone does, you aren’t the same person you were 10 years ago or even last month.

We are constantly changing, but it’s so slow that we don’t notice until we decide to journey into the past and take a look at what we were like years ago.

We all notice the changes in our appearance. Me? I change it a lot, I like to evolve into a better me everyday.

So longs you are bettering yourself, change is good. Reaching for ymthat change takes motivation. If you have motivation, nothing can stop you.

I’d love to go on for hours about this but this post needs ymto end at some point.

Here are Monica’s links;

Blog: omqitzmonica.wordpress.com

Thank you to Monica for doing this collab with me, head over to her blog for her post.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

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