How To: Contour (New Series)


It’s Lau, and today I will be starting a new series. A series where I show you how to effectively and efficiently complete a task of all sorts.

My first episode will be on contour. Shockingly, not a lot of people know how to or where to place contour. There’s a lot of ways people do it, however that could work for their face shape and not yours.

I’ve rambled on enough, so lets just get started..as I ramble on some more.

How To: Contour

Here are the basic steps if you’d not like to see me ramble;

1. Figure out your face shape.

2. Find what route of contouring you like.

3. Find under your checkbone, and slowly (with powder) with light touch and in circular motions feather it on.

4. With cream, put less on then you think and blend it upwards. Cut the cheek wih powder or cream highlight.


When you get to the stage of contouring, you can go two routes, cream and powder. Cream is a little more, in my opinion easier then powder. I feel like powder contour can look a little muddy however, with cream contour you can easily go overboard.

Now, with face shapes. An easy way to find your face shape is look in the mirror and just draw with a whiteboard marker the outline of your face and try and match to these down below.

Once that’s done you can either look online of people with your face shape and see where they put it or just do the easier thing and find your cheekbone. Placing your contour below your cheekbone will exsentuate the natural shadows on your face.

If your contour on one side looks great and the other looks a little bit of a mess, don’t worry. It’s just because your face isn’t exactly symmetrical which is completely normal. I get that all the time.

Now, let’s get into the techniques, tools and products to use when contouring.

A contour shade is a usually a few shades darker then your natural skin colour, a lot of people like a bit of grey in their contour which is personal preference. Any brand will do, just make sure it is what suits your skin tone. Whether that be a cream paint or a concealer colour or an eyeshadow.

When applying powder contour, go in circular light motions and feather into out. Use a contour brush and if you make a tiny mistake just use a bit of setting powder to blend it out.

When your using cream contour, apply with anything. Your finger, brush.. really anything. Use a sponge of some kind to blend up instead of down. Set with a translucent powder or with a powder contour if you want it to be a bit more powerful.

That was a lot of explaining but hopefully I explained it well and it was helpful.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to know How To next then please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x

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