Binky London Mascara Review


It’s Lau and FINALLY I am diving into the makeup side of things. Today I will be doing a review of Binky London Mascaras and comparing them to other mascaras.

I have both of them which are the volumising one and the waterproof, I will be putting them to the test.

Is it actually volumising? Is it actually waterproof? Does it last all day? Does it hold a curl?

If they work really well, then you can save some money because they are only £2 each.

So let’s get into this review.

Right off the bat, the mascara tube is really bright which could be actually really easy to find when looking for it.

The wands are pretty standard, the volumising one (bright pink one) is a little bigger. One thing I do have to say is it is really wet, the formula is really wet which I can’t see it doing much for your lashes.

The waterproof one seems to have slightly a better formula, it isn’t as wet.

Applying the volumising one was a little difficult, it doesn’t add any lift at all which I expected with the wet formula. Also it will get everywhere, even if you’re being really careful. It might be good if you wanted a natural lash without much lift.

The waterproof one gave a lot more lift, maybe I’m just clumsy but I got this one everywhere as well it isn’t as bad as the other one though.

I do recommend this one, but do they last all day?

The answer is yes. For me they did. The waterproof one lasted a lot longer.

I don’t believe that the waterproof one is quite as waterproof as it claims to be.

They’re only £2. It is good for the price but I know a £1 mascara and it’s better then both of them.

I think I’ll leave this review here. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

And I will see you all tomorrow

Lau x

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