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College Ends..Where Now?


It’s Lau. And today I want to share with you my experience with college and where I’m going when it ends.

So, as I’m writing this I have less then a week left until I finished my course and I have to adventure out into the land of being an adult and I’m not sure I’m even ready.

I’ve been in college for two years and I can’t say they’ve been easy. At first, I never wanted to go to college. I already had enough of school and college was the last thing on my mind but I realised that because of my anxiety I can’t get a job so.. college it was.

I always knew I wanted to do SFX however the only course that was SFX was very hard to get on and it was almost impossible for me to get but that’s the one I am on now.

I went through a year of half hairdressing and half beauty therapy. I really didnt mind it, it was fun and I liked the teachers. But it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Skip to the course I am on now, it’s the hightest level you can get on. And let me tell you, it’s so much work. Work experience, a lot of writing, an event. We haven’t had a lesson where we don’t work, in my old course most of it was like that.

But at the end I get a certificate which tell me I am certified to do media makeup, that’s a cool thing to accomplish.

But my last assignment is on Friday and we have to go in the following Monday just to make sure we have everything up-to-date.

So, when college ends..where am I going with my life?

My dream is to be earning money from what I love doing..blogging. However, I’m no where near close to even getting accepted to earn money through WordAds. But that’s doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying.

Of course there is pressure on me to get a job from my father, which he understands nothing about my anxiety and thinks I’m making it all up because he believe I’m just lazy.

I’m sure everything will turn out okay, I still believe that.

I think I’m going to end this post here.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

I will see you all tomorrow!

Lau x

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