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Sunset Eyelook |HonestlyLau


It’s Lau. Today I will be showing you how to accomplish a sunset eyelook. I saw this on Ellie’s blog and I actually made a post where I followed her tutorial, you can check that out here.

I decided to try and do my own version of it, if you’d like to see how to achieve a beautiful sunset look then keep on reading.


A Sunset Eyelook

I started off this look with by priming my eye using my concealer and setting it with a white eyeshadow.

I started by using the shade Peaches from the Soph x Revolution Palette and using a fluffy brush, blendes the shadow into my crease, in circular motions.

Next I used the shade Cloudberry and blended that a little bit lower then where I put peaches, using the same brush.

I then moved onto the lid and put the shade pumpkin on the lid and blended it into cloudberry, using a slightly dense eyeshadow brush.

I decided to go for a cut crease sort of look so I used my concealer and made a circular ‘sun’ shape, using a detailer brush.

Now, this where I didn’t take pictures of thr step by step. I’ll try and explain this as best as I can. So I don’t have a purple eyeshadow so I put a dark blue cream shadow down and packed a pink eyeshadow over the top and it made a purple. I put that onto the center of the lid and blended it slightly onto the outer corner.

I then put the shade Strawberry Sweets on the inner and outer corner and blended it into the purple but put the shade Danger in the same places to darken it.

And lastly put the shade Mixed Berries onto the center and blended that upwards slightly onto the orange.

Now, the lower lash line. It looks like a gradient of colour but I put a little put of a lilac cream shadow on the outer corner and put Strawberry Sweets on top of it and then put just Strawberry Sweets onto the center and then Cloudberry on the most inner corner. Also used a little bit of Mixed Berries onto the center of the lashline.

I decided to spice up the waterline and put a lilac cream shadow and red cream shadow. And the inner corner highlight is a mix of Fairy Lights and Pink Champagne.

And that is the final look. I really like this look, it’s really colourful and was fun to do.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

And I will see you all soon.

Lau x

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