It’s Christmas! – Blogmas #1


It’s Lau. It has been a little while, but today is the start of Blogmas! It is December 1st and that means you can start the festivities which everyone else has already started.

I intend to do all of Blogmas because I failed on Blogtober, there will be a post out everyday in December so set a reminder for 9am everyday so that you can keep up to date on Blogmas.

So, this post is actually supposed to be telling you about what you will expecting this month.

I want to keep it as Christmasy as possible, keeping you all really festive. So, there will be some decorating posts, gifts, makeup, parties..ect. I won’t spoil it all but I do have a lot more in store.

I hope you all will enjoy this month, I’m putting as much effort in as possible.

Thank you so much for reading the introduction to Blogmas, I hope you stay for more.

Lau ๐ŸŽ„

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