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Beneath The Blog

Hello, it’s Lau.

For the most part of this year, I’ve been silent..very silent. I didn’t ever intend for this to happen.

Last year, I was posting weekly and devoting all my time and passion into creating a blog I was proud of..And I did that. I can look through all of my posts in 2018, and I can see much passion. I was determined to make Honestlylau something I’d do for a lifetime, but as 2018 was ending, I got side tracked with just life.

I felt like I had no time for blogging, but in actual fact.. I had all the time in the world. I lost the motivation to create content, I have endlessly created and deleted posts because every idea I came up with, just wasn’t good enough.

So, through 2019. I stopped. Without another thought, I left this behind and started being an adult. My whole life changed around and blogging was just not what I wanted to do anymore.

Till one day, I deleted the app. But I never wanted to delete my blog, that was my game over. Deleting it would of been hours of dedication thrown away just because I lost motivation. And who knows if I would of gained it back later on. Months down the line, I could of rekindled this motivation and have this blog going again.

And that’s what I’ve done today. Rekindled my motivation.

This time last year, I lost my motivation. But now, I have it back and I hope you will join me.

Thank you.


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Day In My Life (Collab With Alex)

Hello! Its Lau and here is another collab! There will be a lot more in the future but today is a collab with Alex (AKA Awkward Expert).

We both wanted to do something we’d never normally do, and Alex came up with A Day In My Life. I tell you what I do in a day, as I’m writing this, it is Easter Sunday so it hasn’t been that normal of a day for me.

Alex is doing different hairstyles by beauty Youtubers which is something she’d never do, if you want to check out that, go over to her blog which is linked at the end of the post.

Let’s begin.

10 AM : I woke up and pretty much immediately had some chocolate.

I had 2 Creme Eggs and then proceeded to just stroll through social media’s and write a blog post.

11 AM: I then got out of bed and brushed my teeth and had a shower. Currently I am using the Oral-B 3D White Luxe in Pearl Glow, with the Aquafresh Complete Care Mouthwash. I rotate through toothpaste and mouthwash every few weeks but I’m really liking this one. I then got dressed and I finally got the chance to upgrade to Personal Plan! Which was very exciting to me.

12 PM: After that, I went to clean my room whilst putting on some music. Once I finished, it was around 1pm. I only really have on big meal a day and sometimes I can’t even finish that, so this isn’t anything new to me. Except, I don’t usually have chocolate this much but it’s Easter so who cares!

2 PM: Instead of doing college work like I’m suppost to, I decided to just do my makeup.. starting over 3 times. Trying to make a new profile picture for Twitter as well.

7:30 PM: I did that for about 6 hours and now it is pm, and since then I’ve been trying to do a profile picture.

9:33 PM : I’m still trying to make a profile picture.. but I’ve decided to brush my teeth and go to bed.


I fell asleep at 5 AM. Finally made one.

Thank you so much for reading, and my frustrating not at all productive day. My days are all different, and this one just happened to be super weird.

Here is the link to Alex’s blog, check it out because she is an absolutely wonderful person.

Alex’s Blog :

I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x