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Beneath The Blog

Hello, it’s Lau.

For the most part of this year, I’ve been silent..very silent. I didn’t ever intend for this to happen.

Last year, I was posting weekly and devoting all my time and passion into creating a blog I was proud of..And I did that. I can look through all of my posts in 2018, and I can see much passion. I was determined to make Honestlylau something I’d do for a lifetime, but as 2018 was ending, I got side tracked with just life.

I felt like I had no time for blogging, but in actual fact.. I had all the time in the world. I lost the motivation to create content, I have endlessly created and deleted posts because every idea I came up with, just wasn’t good enough.

So, through 2019. I stopped. Without another thought, I left this behind and started being an adult. My whole life changed around and blogging was just not what I wanted to do anymore.

Till one day, I deleted the app. But I never wanted to delete my blog, that was my game over. Deleting it would of been hours of dedication thrown away just because I lost motivation. And who knows if I would of gained it back later on. Months down the line, I could of rekindled this motivation and have this blog going again.

And that’s what I’ve done today. Rekindled my motivation.

This time last year, I lost my motivation. But now, I have it back and I hope you will join me.

Thank you.



50 Facts About Me Tag


It’s Lau. Today I’m going to be doing the 50 Facts About Me Tag. This will be a challenge to achieve, I do hope you enjoy this post and maybe you’d like to do the tag too.

50 Facts About Me

  1. I have blue eyes.
  2. I am 17 years old.
  3. My natural hair colour is a dark brown.
  4. I finished school when I was 15.
  5. I did dance for most of my life, in many forms.
  6. My favourite TV show is Friends.
  7. I have naturally thick wavy hair.
  8. For a very long time I wished I was born in the 90’s.
  9. I have eczema, even though it’s not as bad as when I was younger
  10. Batman is my favourite superhero.
  11. I’m quite a happy and hyper person, around people I’m 100% comfortable with.
  12. I’m need to be in a tidy environment to function well, even though I can be a messy person. It drives me insane.
  13. I never really watched a lot of movies until recently.
  14. My least favourite part of makeup is brows.
  15. I like changing my enviroment a lot, every few weeks to a month. It’s really annoyed my parents.
  16. I’m very impatient.
  17. Mild spicy foods are my favourite.
  18. I do SFX so horror movies don’t scare me. I’m interested in the SFX makeup of the film.
  19. Apart from makeup, I’m not very girly.
  20. I’m afraid of heights.
  21. I rarely leave the house.
  22. I spend most of my time blogging.
  23. I have quite a big family.
  24. I’m very close with my mum.
  25. My favourite colour is blue.
  26. I like designing.
  27. The reason my blog name is ‘HonestlyLau’ is because I’m very honest.
  28. My favourite fizzy drink is Dr.Pepper.
  29. Winter is my favourite season.
  30. I’m a Leo.
  31. I am very creative.
  32. I tend to eat a little slow.
  33. I’ve had many different hair colours, but my favourite was rose pink.
  34. Talking about pink, I don’t like it very much.
  35. I have quite long eyelashes.
  36. I’m not very independent, even though I want to be.
  37. I really like crossiants.
  38. I don’t like being late.
  39. Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I like.
  40. I have pretty terrible eyesight but I have glasses, even though I don’t wear them often enough.
  41. All of the shows I loved when I was little, are off air now.
  42. I really like big jumpers.
  43. When I was very obsessed with Friends, around the age of 13. I plucked my eyebrows 90’s thin.
  44. For some reason, I’m bad with money. But I’m getting better.
  45. When I’m sad my eyes turn green.
  46. When I’m happy, my eyes get even more blue.
  47. I’m very afraid of vomit.
  48. I dislike, peas, peanut butter and lamb. There’s more but we’d be here a while
  49. I really like rap music
  50. And finally, I love documentaries.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I’d really like to read yours if you decide to do this tag. It’s a lot of fun to do this tag and let’s your readers know more about you.

Again, thank you for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x