We’ll Try This Again.

Hello. It’s Lau. And I again, disappeared from blogging without a trace. And I don’t have quite a reason why. I’d like to get back into it, and hopefully be more on top and not a post once every year.

If you hear from me in a few days, that means I’m trying and that’s almost successful.

See you soon?



Bloggers Support Bloggers Challenge


It’s Lau. And I am finally doing the #bloggersupportbloggers challenge. I was tagged by Gayle and Bethany to do this post. This challenge is about spreading love, it won’t be much of a challenge because everyone is so lovely on WordPress.

Here are the rules;

The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you and be sure to link their blogsite!
  • Add the official photo to your post.
  • List at least five bloggers you like. It can be bloggers you’ve known for a long time but, be sure to add a couple newbies in there too! This is all about spreading love and encouragement so don’t be afraid to step outside your friend group, please!
  • In five sentences or above, give a short description about why you love that blogger.
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers to do this challenge down below.
  • Put #bloggerssupportbloggers in the Tags section so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find!


I met Alex the first day I started blogging and I absolutely adore her as a person and her blog. She’s such a strong individual with a lot of cool interesting stories on her blog.


She is so supportive and such a kind person. Her blog is one of my favourites, with witty fun posts. Definitely follow her blog, you won’t regret it.


I’ve been friends with Dani for quite a while and she is such a fun uplifting person. Her humor is so entertaining and is definitely someone you’d go to if you were having a bad day.

The Hope Girls

I really enjoy their posts. It is so interesting to read and helpful, on Twitter, Gabriella did a month of What You Need To Know Right Now and it was really inspiring and motivating to watch. They’re such an awesome pair!


If you’re looking for an awesome beauty blogger who has a lot of great opinions then definitely check out Ellie. She’s grown so much over the last few months and I couldn’t be more happy.

Even though there are so many more bloggers I appriciate and respect, I can’t do the entire community. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

I will see you all tomorrow!

Lau x


50 Facts About Me Tag


It’s Lau. Today I’m going to be doing the 50 Facts About Me Tag. This will be a challenge to achieve, I do hope you enjoy this post and maybe you’d like to do the tag too.

50 Facts About Me

  1. I have blue eyes.
  2. I am 17 years old.
  3. My natural hair colour is a dark brown.
  4. I finished school when I was 15.
  5. I did dance for most of my life, in many forms.
  6. My favourite TV show is Friends.
  7. I have naturally thick wavy hair.
  8. For a very long time I wished I was born in the 90’s.
  9. I have eczema, even though it’s not as bad as when I was younger
  10. Batman is my favourite superhero.
  11. I’m quite a happy and hyper person, around people I’m 100% comfortable with.
  12. I’m need to be in a tidy environment to function well, even though I can be a messy person. It drives me insane.
  13. I never really watched a lot of movies until recently.
  14. My least favourite part of makeup is brows.
  15. I like changing my enviroment a lot, every few weeks to a month. It’s really annoyed my parents.
  16. I’m very impatient.
  17. Mild spicy foods are my favourite.
  18. I do SFX so horror movies don’t scare me. I’m interested in the SFX makeup of the film.
  19. Apart from makeup, I’m not very girly.
  20. I’m afraid of heights.
  21. I rarely leave the house.
  22. I spend most of my time blogging.
  23. I have quite a big family.
  24. I’m very close with my mum.
  25. My favourite colour is blue.
  26. I like designing.
  27. The reason my blog name is ‘HonestlyLau’ is because I’m very honest.
  28. My favourite fizzy drink is Dr.Pepper.
  29. Winter is my favourite season.
  30. I’m a Leo.
  31. I am very creative.
  32. I tend to eat a little slow.
  33. I’ve had many different hair colours, but my favourite was rose pink.
  34. Talking about pink, I don’t like it very much.
  35. I have quite long eyelashes.
  36. I’m not very independent, even though I want to be.
  37. I really like crossiants.
  38. I don’t like being late.
  39. Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I like.
  40. I have pretty terrible eyesight but I have glasses, even though I don’t wear them often enough.
  41. All of the shows I loved when I was little, are off air now.
  42. I really like big jumpers.
  43. When I was very obsessed with Friends, around the age of 13. I plucked my eyebrows 90’s thin.
  44. For some reason, I’m bad with money. But I’m getting better.
  45. When I’m sad my eyes turn green.
  46. When I’m happy, my eyes get even more blue.
  47. I’m very afraid of vomit.
  48. I dislike, peas, peanut butter and lamb. There’s more but we’d be here a while
  49. I really like rap music
  50. And finally, I love documentaries.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I’d really like to read yours if you decide to do this tag. It’s a lot of fun to do this tag and let’s your readers know more about you.

Again, thank you for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

Lau x