Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial


It’s Lau. And it has kind of been a while, I have been busy for the last few days and haven’t quite had time to post.

But anyways, I posted a few looks in my last post and someone suggested that I do a tutorial on the Rainbow Eyeliner. If you’d like to see how to do it then keep on reading.


Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

First things first, get an even base on your eyelid.

I am using a small detail brush to do all of it and you will need all the colours of the rainbow.

I started off with red at the very inner corner of my eye and then adding an orange and continuing the eyeliner.

I then added yellow.

And extended the wing with green, blue and purple.

Blended them so it has a seamless gradient.

And that’s it, simple. Anyone could do it. I used all cream paints because it is very easy to work with.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you all soon.

Lau x


I Tried Following DiaryOfEllie Makeup Tutorial


It’s Lau. And today I will be following the blogger Diary Of Ellie makeup tutorial. I am very much thinking of making this into a series so if you’d like to see more of these then let me know.

I am following Ellie’s sunset makeup look, which I really like and will try my best.

Let’s get started.

Okay so, I don’t have a eyeshadow primer so I am just going to use my concealer and then powder it.

Okay lets see what’s next.

I don’t have that palette because it’s always sold out in my local Superdrug but I have similar colours.

So, I’m taking a pink shade into the crease and outer third.

Next step:

Now I am using a shimmery gold shade.. let’s see what I have.

Okay, let’s move on.

Mascara time!

And I added my makeup setting spray. And that’s it. It was really easy and simple to do.

Check out Ellie’s blog, she has a lot of fun interesting posts that any makeup lover would love.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

I will see you all tomorrow!

Lau x